About me

Hi everyone,

Today I decided to start my Blog I wanted to do that for EVER but today a good friend of mine really pushed me and I made up my mind.
I am an Iranian Girl and I moved to Germany in June 2011, mainly for my Wedding which took place in August same year, and now I’m based in Austria.
I have studied Urban Planning and Economics therefore for me what I will wear every day is like a project and I even analyze my outfit and the comments I receive afterwards.
My philosophy is to wear what looks good on “me” and that’s it! But it could be that I automatically follow the current trend.
So, for now I guess it is enough. Please contact me and forward your ideas and comments, even critics.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you will be one of my followers!

September 4, 2013



One thought on “About me

  1. Olya says:

    Hi! I am OSTEL! Thank you for your choice and article (NJAL) !!! It is very pleasent for me! I have new collection ss 14, I ‘ve just taken a part with that collection on Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days Fashion Scout. If you want you can write your opinion about my new collection in your blog)) good luck!!!

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