OSTEL Future as I SEE

Beauty of Fashion vs. War :::Future as I SEE:::

Hi everybody,

You all know about the current situation all around the world, from Iraq to Gaza and Kiev…, and seeing the horrors of War all over Media, I saw no point to write about Fashion when people are dying and suffering all around the world for “No reason”!

… But then I received an Email from “Kiev”, from a Friend, a young talented Fashion Designer I get to know through my blog. I wrote about her amazing designs in my post “Just Not a Label”. She sent me her latest designs and then I thought people can fight back against the ugliness and monstrousness of War in a different way, regardless of religions and governments, and let the world know that they are still alive!!!

Olya Stelmakhova

Olya Stelmakhova

::: Olya Stelmakhova designer of OSTEL::: is based in Kiev, Ukraine. She studied at School of art, Kiev National Economical University and graduated in 2007. Her collections are produced in Ukraine.
:::FW 14/15 “FAIS”- Future as I SEE:::

 Collection FW 14/15 was executed completely in futuristic style, nonstandard approach of cut with unusual mono-elements. There were presented dresses with Magyar sleeve; detachable pockets and sleeves; sweater with cords and drapery, coated with acrylic paint; dresses with fitted jewelry -symbols of the Earth (sand and stones).


:::Previous Collections:::

OSTEL garments are represented:
Dwimmer Online Store


Carnet de Mode

Inspirare Online store

… and in Kiev: Toshoshop, Satin-Ocean Plaza, Pop-up store Shopaholic and Frau Lusia store



P.S: More information about designer and her collections can be found at http://www.ostel.com.ua.


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