What’s Sexy & What’s NOT?

Hi everyone,

I have been really busy at work and also, busy loosing weight after “New year” holidays…

But now I am back…
This week I realized that I have a totally wrong understanding about what I should wear if I want to look “Sexy”!!!
… And now I can give you some hints about things that are stylish and fashionable, but won’t work if you want to look sexy:
:: Jumpsuit ::
:: Midi Skirts and Midi dresses ::
:: Skater and Full skirts (which I love)!!! ::
:: Ballerinas ::

Instead you can try:
:: Leggings: preferably thick ones with special details ::
:: Pencil skirts ::
:: Open shoulder shirts and Jumpers ::
:: Top and dresses with “Lace” details ::
:: High Heels ::
::: Any simple pump or ankle boot would work out, BUT try to find one that make your foots look smaller and NOT bigger and longer- round toes are better for those of you with bigger size foot :::

All this doesn’t mean that I would change my style or anything like that just to look “Sexy”!!!!




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