The Must Haves

My Favorite Must haves… for NOW!!!

Hi Everyone,
I am back… I have been really busy at work and could barely find any time to write … Today I decided to share with you my current favorite accessories and Beauty products:

I love the Bottega bag cause it’s a “Classic” and the best thing is that there is NO obvious brand signs…!!! The Clutch from ASOS is so cute and special though the space is critically limited., and the iPad case needs no description. … and the Jewelries … :

I think this season Orange can color up your style specially with black jumpers and with the rest of outfits you can use either of these necklaces. …and here are my new favorite beauty must haves:

The CHANEL LES BEIGES has very nice colors and a perfect scent.  The Guerlain lipgloss has various colors. It is matt and stays for a long time, it has a cute mirror which is very handy when you use a clutch and have limited space!!! and if you wonder about the heart, it’s for iPhone from H&M!

The Soap & Glory scrub is just “PERFECT”, it really works and also has a very special scent.The MK dry oil is having a strong classic scent with shimmer!

…. Next will be my favorite outfits


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