Isabel Marant … for H&M

Hi everyone,

As you know I am on vacation in South Africa and for a while we had no access to Internet or any other sort of technology! so today when I could finally upload the November issue of Vogue, I realized that I totally forgot that H&M will release the “Isabel Marant” collection. I guess most of you even don’t know who she is…

Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant is a French designer and founder of the fashion label of the same name.
Marant was born in 1967. Her mother is the director of Elite Agency. Her work is rewarded with the Award de la Mode in 1997. Isabel Marant currently has 3 boutiques in Paris, 9 in Asia, 1 in New York and is available at wholesale throughout Europe and the US.
I know her from her cool sneakers, which I love, the ones that you see the celebrities like too…

Her designs are mainly wearable for everyone everyday, but they are a bit… Expensive, ranging from 400 to 1500€, Though she started a less expensive line called “Etoile”…

“It was a very nice opportunity to redo what I love in my collections and share this love with a wider public,” says the French designer.
Here is a sneak pick of the collection, price range is from 20 to 200€.

So, try to check out the collection…

here is the gallery from celebs wearing the collection:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




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