South Africa: Day 1 – Cape Town

Hi everyone, Hope you all had nice weekend. After 17 hours flight, now we are in South Africa… All I can say that it is JUST beautiful! Yesterday we arrived a bit late so we only walked around and this morning… 20131008-171804.jpg Afterwards we went to the “Table Mountain” and I had to change afterwards cause it was 30 degrees… I love this city! 20131008-171735.jpg
::: Top ::: COS
::: Short ::: ZARA
::: Handbag ::: Stella McCartney
::: Necklace ::: Hallhuber
::: Sunglasses ::: Chanel
…Check out the cute “Bo Kaap”… Could it be more colorful !?!?…. 20131008-172317.jpg Cheers
… to be continued…


One thought on “South Africa: Day 1 – Cape Town

  1. Saajida says:

    glad to hear you’re enjoying Cape Town 🙂 I recall the ‘tourist’ I was when I first moved here! The city is beautiful! And so are the people 🙂

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