Ankle Boots

It’s official… Ankle boots is on!

Hi everyone,

If you are looking for a nice pair of shoes for this Fall-Winter, just buy a pair of “Ankle Boots”. You can check the latest accessories in the runway of New York and Milan Fashion Week to check the latest style for ankle boots.
Here are my  favourites:

Before you choose the style of the pair for this season – Peep toe, Curved, Strap ankle, Point-toe, cutout or high back — the material of it — suede or leather — and the color, you should consider your winter outfits.

Check out your wardrobe and consider the fact that when you decide to buy ankle boots it means you will mostly wear it with the outfits that will NOT cover the boots. This means that you should have a number of skinny jeans and trousers, plus some nice skirts and dresses; though this doesn’t mean that you cannot wear it with Flare or bootcut jeans or trousers once in a while.

Another thing is that try to mix your booties with tights/socks that emphasises and brings out your ankle boots and not understate your look.
Have fun and Good Luck with shopping!




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