Sicilian Girl

Hi everyone,

Today in the City I live the weather is not good, it’s raining and Gray!! This summer I spent 10 days in Sicily and I miss the sun and the beauty of that city. So, I decided to change my mood and maybe yours with giving some tips in RED.
You Probably know that Sicilian Girl” and red lace were the theme of Dolce and Gabbana’s last collection, and I found this theme “HAPPY”, and it seems like so many other designers like Valentino and Nina Ricci liked it too:

Always remember that when you wear a Red outfit the dress itself “is” the main part of your look and you don’t need to accessorize it much.
So, normally you should pair it with Black shoes; though I prefer nude, because it makes the look more special, everyone would wear black, but not you! Try not to wear so many black with it and try to be different.

When you wear your red dress with nude shoes then try to use Yellow gold jewelries but not so many depending on the cut of your dress choose a nice necklace and REMEMBER: earing are mandatory for a girl!
I believe that when you wear a red dress you should really be careful about your hair and make-up. The good thing is it looks good both on white/pale and Tanned skin.
It is better to have nude make up, but if you decide to have more intense make up then I really suggest that you wear your hair up and simple.

I hope you like the outfits as much as I did, I chose most of them from ASOS.

Have a nice Thursday.




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