Some hints for A Shopping Day!

1) Take a quick (or even long) look at your wardrobe and see what you need.

2) If you have time during the day check some website of Famous magazines or buy one, even the cheapest, and observe the latest style and get some ideas.

3) When you like something in a shop first of all always always always try it first, it might look good on hanger or in the display but not always “on you”! Not because you are not stylish but because of your body shape, your skin tone and your hair color, or it is just Not YOU!

4) After trying it and still liking it 80 to 100 percent then at exactly same moment think about what you can wear with it. Try to mix and match the outfits and accessories you have with what you want to buy and find at least two items to match; otherwise don’t buy it because you have to pay double or triple the price of it to buy matching items. When you have a feeling that something is too expensive but you still want it then you should at least manage three complete looks with it. Then… buy it!

5) Whenever you fall in love with a very expensive outfit, check popular websites and check if they have the similar item with same design for cheaper price and if you manage to get the “statement” accessories it will work out even with less expensive items.
There is one exception and that is the “must haves” such as White shirt and Little black dress. For “must haves” you can always distribute higher budget because they can be for a lifetime.

6) Never buy something when you don’t feel good in it or about it but your shopping partner tells you it is perfect.

7) When buying something at least gives it time to be worn twice that season, otherwise leave it! Unless it is reduced in sale and it is wearable for more than this season, from style point of view.



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