First Post

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to write my first post ever. I feel that this blog will help me manage my life much better and it will definitely make me a happier person.
So, for my first post I decided to introduce my philosophy and my fashion taste:
As you already might have read in “About me” section I believe that every person has different style and that is what looks good on them.
I also believe that being stylish or becoming a style icon like Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston and Olivia Palermo is a natural thing. I think people can be instructed or helped with their style but they would never become a stylish person if it is not in their BLOOD.
On the other hand being stylish like being beautiful is always a matter of taste. But there are some facts about fashion which will always work, such as a nice White blouse and a perfect little black dress. So I will try to help you find the perfect “must haves” for your wardrobe.
Whenever you feel like contacting me, do it!
Thanks for reading


P.S: Next on my blog …: General hints for a shopping day



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